IFCU 7th International Psychology Congress
Psychology in Dialogue: Three paths, one goal
July 7-9, 2022

Faculty of Education and Psychology – Universidade Católica Portuguesa Porto | Portugal

(extended deadline)

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Pre-conference workshops: July 6, 2022

Hosted by Faculty of Education and Psychology, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, the main purpose of the International Psychology Congress on “Psychology in Dialogue: Three paths, one goal” relies on four assumptions:

  1. The mission of the IFCU comprises contributing to “set up networks of knowledge and know-how to foster effective collaboration between its membership” towards “a more just and human world;
  2. No scientific area is capable of, by itself, responding to the demanding challenges of a multidimensional changing society;
  3. Catholic Universities with Psychology Departments/Academic Units have an opportunity to develop relevant conjoint work;
  4. Research, teaching/training and knowledge transfer are central dimensions of Universities’ mission.

These assumptions lead to the definition of the main goal of the Congress to enable and foster the dissemination of innovative projects that include three paths of dialogue: interdisciplinary dialogue between scientific areas, dialogue between the University mission dimensions (teaching, research, and practice) developed within each University, and dialogue between Catholic Universities.

Furthermore, and considering that one of the strategic priorities of IFCU is to achieve “better involvement of the students in IFCU’s activities” (specifically in the sectorial groups’ activities), the Congress intends to promote the participation of international students, by including on its program specific students-oriented moments and by offering travel awards to students from the participating universities.

Before coming to Porto, the Congress was held in Bangaluru (Eastern and Western Psychology: Singularity, Diversity and Integration), Los Angeles (Psychology, Human Experience and Transcendence), Buenos Aires (Mission of Psychology within the context of social fragmentation and vulnerability), Lille (Diversity and University: Value(s) in Psychology between Practice and Knowledge), Ponce (The Roles of the Psychologist and Psychology in a Contemporary World: Challenges for Training, Research and Practice) and Madrid (Psychological Disorders in the 21st Century).